Good Morning Everyone!

Come join us on Saturday, August 26th for our FREE closing pool party! We will be offering a barbecue, games, prizes, a lifeguard pie in the face and more between 5pm-7pm. After the pool party we will once again be screening a movie this year from a projector for the kids. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for a ‘movie selection’ voting station in the gatehouse this week. We are giving the kids a chance to decide which movie they’d like us to show. There will be a few options. We’d like to invite you all for the entire night, and welcome you to share this and invite your friends!
Have a great day and we’ll see you on the 26th!

Come Join us this weekend!

Come join us and cool off on this hot weekend during our public swims! We’re open today and tomorrow from 2-4:30. We welcome you all to come for a dip!

Swim until 7:30 tonight

Good Evening everyone,
We hope you all enjoyed your scorching hot Thursday. Today during the public swim, a small hole in our liner was pulled and tore a slightly larger hole. Due to this the guards will be patching the liner this evening after the swim, and require a set amount of time for the adhesive to dry – because of this our swim will be over at 7:30 tonight. In light of this 30 minutes less of swimming in the heat, we will be offering a free swim for an hour and a half tonight from 6-7:30pm. All are welcome, come down and cool off with us!


Hi all,

We would like to say a big thank you to United Way for providing us with the funding that allows us to offer a one hour swim for families free of charge.  This swim takes place from 6:00 pm  to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday.  We are very grateful to United Way for once again allowing us the opportunity to welcome everyone (even those who are not members) to come and enjoy this wonderful facility which we all love so much, free of charge.  This would not be possible without their generosity and is a wonderful addition to the programming available at this facility.  So once again from all of us here at the pool THANK YOU UNITED WAY, and to all of you reading this post we really hope you stop by to take advantage of their generosity.

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