Hi all,

We would like to say a big thank you to United Way for providing us with the funding that allows us to offer a one hour swim for families free of charge.  This swim takes place from 6:00 pm  to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday.  We are very grateful to United Way for once again allowing us the opportunity to welcome everyone (even those who are not members) to come and enjoy this wonderful facility which we all love so much, free of charge.  This would not be possible without their generosity and is a wonderful addition to the programming available at this facility.  So once again from all of us here at the pool THANK YOU UNITED WAY, and to all of you reading this post we really hope you stop by to take advantage of their generosity.

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Pumps are Fixed but Closed for the Swims

Good Day all,
We are very pleased to say we had a pool company come in this morning and we were able to repair our broken pump. The company has advised us to do one final shock with all the working pumps to ensure water quality and clarity for the remainder of the summer. In order for us to ensure the safety of our patrons while we’re adding chemicals and working with the pumps, we need to close for the swims today. We will be opened tomorrow as usual beginning with lessons in the morning. This is great news as we’ve been advised that with this maintenance today our new lines and pumps should now operate sufficiently for the rest of the summer. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone today, however both the company and our staff feel confident that this should prevent any further closures due to maintenance issues with our pumps.

Once again, thank you all, we appreciate your support and patience.

Party Postponed for Weather

Due to the weather we are sorry to say we will not be having the pool party today. We will be open this weekend for swims on both Saturday and Sunday from 2-4:30. The pool party will be rescheduled for this Monday, July 3rd from 12-2. Please enjoy your weekend and have a great Canada Day tomorrow!

Drop-in registrations will be held until 3pm today. Please call before coming in or if you’d like to request/set up another time to register. We hope you all have a great Monday.